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At International Medical Research (IMR), our professionals conduct patient recruitment to attain potential subjects, adhere to regulatory requirements and guidelines, including Good Clinical Practices, uphold the integrity of clinical data, and achieve goals in a timely, efficient manner.  Furthermore, we accommodate our subjects with a welcoming, secure, and comfortable environment to ensure quality patient care.  Each member of IMR is fully dedicated to achieving research goals and commitments.


Dr. Yong Tsai, MD, MHS, CPI, is a leading board certified Internal Medicine, Allergy/Immunology, and Rheumatology physician with over 20 years of experience in medical research. As Principal Investigator and Medical Director of IMR, Dr.Tsai continues to work with many investigators within a multitude of studies for upcoming treatments.  Under the direction of Dr. Tsai, IMR is able to accommodate even the most stringent medical research studies.  Dr. Tsai is assisted by his team of researchers which include Dana Katsikos, BS CRHC, Barb Csortan, RN and Susan Black, RN CCRC.


Our 4000 square foot facility is fully equipped with a large amount of medical research tools, some of which include an infusion center, an on-site laboratory, and seven fully equipped exam rooms.  We are proud of our research staff that is both highly skilled and very efficient.  We guarantee quality documentation and eCRF entry as required by the study protocols and IRB.  Due to the large volume of patients we see in the practice, we are capable of meeting and very often exceeding the quota of patients required to enroll in the research studies.  Our commitment to superior healthcare is evident in our research which leads to the development of innovative and effective treatment options.



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